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About mercetta

Hi everyone! My name is Mercy, and I'm a photographer who recently graduated from the photo school at RIT in Rochester, NY. People and photography are my passion, and I decided to put both into my new starting business, Mercetta Photography. (I grew up with the nickname, Mercetta). This business will offer photoshoot sessions, along with prints, CDs, albums, etc. If you would like more information about a photoshoot, please do not hesitate to contact me at :-)



Full Gallery from The Levoy’s Valentine Dinner & Dance!

The full gallery of all photos from The Levoy’s Gala is online!

To check out the photo gallery, go HERE.

*Note*: A username and password is required…the username is the name of the theater and the password is the date of the event (M/DD/YY). No dashes or slashes.

If you have any problems, or you would like to purchase prints, please contact me at

Enjoy the photos!

Levoy Gala

Last Saturday night, I photographed a Valentine event called “In Love with the Levoy”, presented by a non-profit organization, Levoy Theater. The theater is approximately a hundred years old and is in Millville, NJ. The Levoy Theater organization is currently in process of rebuilding the theater. This Valentine dinner & dance event was one of Levoy’s fundraising events. For more information about Levoy Theater, go here. At beginning of the event, I made some portraits using two different backgrounds of the Levoy’s future building. Then, I went around to capture moments, which I enjoyed the most. The event was tons of fun to photograph, and it was great meeting new people!

Note: To all people who attended this event, all photos will be uploaded to an online gallery in less than two weeks. 🙂

Esther & Ron’s wedding

Esther Kenyon (now Marcotte) let me photograph her wedding reception while another photographer did the ceremony. I was honored to do this for her and her newly husband, Ron. Esther was a leader for my youth group when I was in high school and she was one of people who helped me grow in the Lord. The wedding reception was a cake and punch type, so there wasn’t much going on except people talking and eating snacks. So I attempted to capture moments while people were talking, being silly, or even having a moment together. Then in the end, Esther had a hilarious surprise for Ron. From what I heard, he tends to joke about being a senior citizen, so Esther decided to secretly rent a greyhound bus instead of a limo, to go to the hotel. I guess the greyhound bus is something related to being a senior citizen. When the reception ended, all of bridesmaids and groomsmen gathered at the front of church and went outside for a few seconds. Esther brought Ron outside, and surprised him. He was very amused by this silly inside joke. I was invited to go on the bus with them along with bridesmaids, groomsmen, families, etc. This was a new experience for me to photograph, and I’m glad I enjoyed working for Esther & Ron! 🙂